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The Central Powers’ Romanian Campaign 1916/17 – an archival guide within CENDARI

German Soldiers in the Balkans, 1914-1918, online exibition within the international HERA collaborative research project led by Prof. Oliver Janz entitled „Making War, Mapping Europe – Militarized Cultural Encounters, 1792-1920“

Relevant articles in “1914-1918-online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War”

  • Regional Survey Articles



  • Thematic survey articles


Occupation during the War

  • Regional Thematic Articles

Bereavement and Mourning (South East Europe)

Commemoration, Cult of the Fallen (South East Europe)

Film/Cinema (South East Europe)

Occupation during and after the War (South East Europe)

Post-war Societies (South East Europe)

Pre-war Military Planning (South East Europe)

Prisoners of War and Internees (South East Europe)

War Aims and War Aims Discussions (Austria-Hungary)
War in the Balkans

Warfare 1914-1918 (South East Europe)

  • Encyclopaedic Entries

Brătianu, Ion I.C.

Carol I, King of Romania

Falkenhayn, Erich von

Ferdinand I, Tsar of Bulgaria

Mackensen, August von

Zhekov, Nikola


Articles in Russia’s Great War and Revolution

Bulgaria in the First World War

Romania and the Great War

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